Support The Arts In "The Pay Tron Age"

Support The Arts By Entering The Pay Tron Age

The Pay Tron Age is a new system of support for virtual artists seeking a way to survive in an increasingly competetive global marketplace. At this point in the development of cyber-commerce, one cannot afford to charge a pay-per-view rate lest they risk losing large volumes of interactive participants who, with so much freeware on the Web, would just assume go somewhere else for their computer-mediated experience.

The GRAMMATRON Project, though steeped in the rival tradition of literature from Plato to Rabelais to Sterne to Walter Benjamin, James Joyce, Henry Miller, Gertrude Stein, Arno Schmidt, Allen Ginsberg, Kathy Acker, Ronald Sukenick, Raymond Federman, Robert Coover, Ted Nelson, and the emerging writers associated with the Avant-Pop style, is also a work of visual, conceptual, performance, audio and hypermedia art (the connection to various art, literary and theoretical movements in the 20th century is outlined in Digital Being: The Virtual Artist In Cyberspace). The model evolving for its support is a hybrid version made up of part traditional patronage, part contemporary corporate sponsorship, part university underwriting, part in-kind goods and services and part strategic co-marketing and investment.

The GRAMMATRON team, led by virtual artist Mark Amerika, would like to thank the following organizations for their support:

  • The Alt-X Online Publishing Network

  • The Brown University Graduate Program In Creative Writing

  • The Brown University Computer Sciences Graphics Laboratory

  • The Brown University Multi-Media Lab

  • The National Science Foundation's Center of Graphics and Visualization

  • The University of Colorado English Department Publications Center

  • The Radiance Group

  • Accessnet

  • The Email Publishing Company

  • International Business Machines (IBM): The Internet Research Division

  • The Ars Electronica Center

  • Telepolis Online

  • Eastgate Systems

  • The Unit For Contemporary Literature

    The GRAMMATRON hypermedia ensemble:

    Fran Nelson, Robert Coover, George Landow, Carole Maso, Robert Arellano, Tom Meyer, Shelley Jackson, Roger Meike, Ronald Sukenick, Raymond Federman, Ken Fricklas, Andrew Currie, Knut Mork, Nile Southern, Jay Dillemuth, Danah Beard, Dan Gould, Jason Williams, Jeff White, David Foster Wallace, and many others.

    If you would like to support the GRAMMATRON project, please send email to

    To see how this all relates to Abe Golam, read this excerpt from "Digital Being: The Virtual Artist In Cyberspace"...